How to Throw Faster!
August 11, 2011
Debunking Drop and Drive Technique
August 18, 2011

The last couple weeks I’ve helped out at a small handful of tryouts. Each of those tryouts I was put in charge of watching the pitchers.  I would say over 80% of the kids I watched were unknowingly using one improper motion that was killing their velocity as a pitcher.

It’s so simple to fix this mechanics problem, in fact, it took me less than three minutes to help a ten year old fix this mistake last week.

What’s the flaw?

Some call it “drop and drive”, others refer to it as “pushing off the rubber”. Whatever the terminology may be, the technique is all wrong.  Pushing off the rubber by bending your balance leg BEFORE you get momentum towards home plate will only reduce your velocity, not improve it.

Why do coaches teach pitchers to bend their leg and drive off the mound? Because without proper mechanics training it makes sense, the more you push, the more power you get.  This couldn’t be further from the truth. Have a look at this clip and watch how the front hip begins to lead the momentum gain towards home.

Afterwards you’ll see the leg bend to keep the pitcher balanced. This prevents him from landing too heavy on the front foot which would prevent maximum velocity.

Of course we teach this extensively in our Pitching Mechanics DVD. There are so many of these little movements in the pitching motion that cannot be left alone without causing issues on the mound. Go into the fall a better pitcher by making sure your son’s mechanics are up to par.

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