What is the very best throwing program for YOU!

I want to keep this short, sweet and to the point today.

Many pitchers are concerned as to how much throwing they need to do to maximize velocity and get the best out of themselves. What you shouldn’t do is compete with other pitchers with how much they throw.

We are all genetically different.  Some pitchers have better “throwing genetics” than others and can get away throwing most everyday.  Other pitchers reach their limit throwing 4 times a week; it all depends on who you are.

Here is an example of a throwing regimen that many Major League starting pitchers follow on a five day rotation.

Day 1 Pitch
Day 2 Flat Ground Throwing / Take a day off
Days 3&4 Throw off a mound
Day 5 Flat Ground Throwing / Take a day off
Day 6 Pitch

Notice that this program does not require you to throw everyday, although you can. If you feel you can throw more, nobody should discourage you to do so unless your arm is fatigued or sore.  You may be a pitcher than can handle a more demanding workload.

The most important thing to consider is listening to your body.  If your sore your sore and you should stop throwing.

You will also find that some days are better than others.  Some days you feel great and are able to throw more; go ahead but:

There are some general guidelines to consider with the amount of throwing you should do on the mound every week.  Throwing on flat ground is healthier as it is proven to be three times less strenuous on the body.

In our program we not only get into detail about which throwing regimen may work best for you, we also teach you how to throw properly to keep your arm healthy.  And of course you will learn how to throw faster and throw those nasty knee buckling pitches.

Get it crankin before it’s too late!