You may have heard us talk about using the same pitching mechanics throwing a curveball as you do a fastball.

Today, we would like to explain that in a little more detail for you.

When pitchers throw different pitches other than their fastball, they tend to make radical mechanical changes; sometimes forcing the pitch into the strike zone.

The most common change they make is timing of their pitches.

What is timing?

Timing is simply getting your body to do the same thing over and over again to the right place at the correct time.  If you explode to foot strike with your fastball, do the same with your changeup.  Don’t change the timing of the pitch.

We often see pitchers change the speed of their leg lift when throwing a different pitch.

As you work with your off-speed pitches this winter, make sure you don’t slow down or speed up your timing.  Keep the mojo working in your favor!

Start the new year off right and learn all about pitching!