We have seen some great performances this year on the mound.  I can’t get enough of Jamie Moyer or Justin Verlander.  I really enjoy watching these pitchers work their magic on the mound.

Have you ever noticed what qualities the best pitchers have that others don’t?

Well, you better believe the mental game plays a big role.  But today I want to continue what I hinted toward in yesterdays email.

Being an unpredictable pitcher!

You must keep the batter’s guessing.

Many of us have heard that pitching really is a physical game of chess.  It requires us to think of location, what pitch to throw, when to throw it and who to throw it to.  It makes us analyze a hitters stance to pinpoint weakness; look at their history or from past personal experience to tell us what to do and what not to do with every hitter.

All stats aside.  You are being analyzed too as a pitcher.

Your goal is to keep hitters off balance.

A good way to do that is to be unpredictable.

Don’t always throw a fastball the first pitch. If you have another pitch like a sinker or curve, use that the first pitch 4-7 times a game.  As long as you can throw it for a strike why not.

If you have a third pitch and you find yourself doing well into the third inning with only your fastball or change; break out the curve in the fourth inning and spice things up.

Vary speeds a lot.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s email after watching the Rockies and Mariners game.  Some pitchers would throw a 74 mph change and the very next pitch they throw a perfectly placed low 94 mph fastball.  That is difficult to manage as a hitter.  A 20 mph difference the next pitch; are you kidding me?

You can be the fastest pitcher in your league, but if that is all you’ve go, the ball will eventually leave the park more often than you want it to.

After discussing that I like to talk about Jamie Moyer.  It’s normal to lose the heat when your old.  49 is very old for a pitcher.  In 2011 Moyer’s average fastball was only 80 mph.  So how does he do it?

Well, he is unpredictable and he throws every pitch in the book.

Now, we don’t recommend learning to throw every pitch in the book like Moyer.  If you have mastered 3 pitches you can outsmart a lot of hitters.  But Jaime also throws a sinker, a cut fastball, slider, changeup, and a curveball. ALL FOR STRIKES!

He has had to rely on varying speeds, hitting spots, movement and knowing his competition.  And he does all of that very well as we’ve seen this year.

I would say with that variety of pitches that he is keeping the hitters off balance and he is an unpredictable pitcher; meaning hitters can’t guess what’s coming at them next.

Our advice to you; Learn one new pitch this year.

How do you do it?

We are here to help!  We have developed this pitching program to help you become an unpredictable pitcher and help you win many more games.