Recently we have received a lot of questions regarding the slide step. Should I worry about the slide step or leave it alone?  My coach wants me to do the slide step but I don’t feel comfortable doing it because I don’t feel I can throw hard like that.  Do I keep doing what my coach tells me to do?

Those were just a few of the concerns players and coaches had in regards to the infamous slide step. Hopefully this video will help all pitchers understand the difference between throwing an effective pitch from the stretch or implementing the slide step into their routine.  I also hope pitchers will be able to make their own decision whether they would like to use the slide step at all.  I know a lot of great pitchers that don’t use it and wouldn’t recommend it.

Why use the slide step?  That is a great question.  The answer is simple: To keep runners close to the bag hoping they won’t get a good jump on the pitcher.

The risk of throwing with the slide step, which I clearly explain in this video, is that most pitchers struggle finding control because it ruins their timing.  We even saw Major League pitchers having difficulty with the slide step during the World Series in 2009.  They could not seem to find the plate and threw a bit slower when they threw that way.  Many pitchers find it difficult to keep their timing using the slide step so here I show another, more effective, way of holding runners close without running the risk of decreasing pitching velocity or losing your mojo.


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