Tayler Peterson has been working with The Pitching Academy for the last two years.  He is working on his curveball this day (about 6 months ago) and the reason why it was a hit and a miss was because, as you will see, he pulls his front elbow and cannot get a great squeeze and swivel affecting his release.  Aside from that, Tayler has come a very long way.  When I started instructing him his stride was very short and he was using his upper body to try and generate the power(throwing around 7 mph slower).  Like many pitchers, he got used to throwing strikes like this and had great success even with his curveball; the problem was that his arm was taking the beating.

Now Tayler has many College teams looking at him and will have to make a big decision soon.  We are happy that he continues to progress.  We will send another video out shortly showing you the progress he has made in the last 6 months.


Here is another video of Tayler Peterson, one of our great pitchers we have been teaching at The Pitching Academy for a couple of great years.  The great thing about Tayler is that he is extremely focused on his goals and he knows what he needs to do on a daily basis to reach them.

We have him on a great throwing program and will make another short video of him this week so you can see what type of progress he has made.  Now he is much more balanced, has added about 6 more inches to his stride, throws 5 mph faster and his curveball is Division one material.  I can’t say enough about how dedicated this young pitcher is.  Remember his name!