In this pitching video I discuss how to increase velocity by leading with your hips and increasing your stride length. Too many pitchers lose a lot of power when they don’t take a long stride; they don’t generate enough momentum toward home plate. When a pitcher does not take a long stride they will end up using more of their throwing arm than they need to. You may have heard the saying you throw with your legs. That is where pitching velocity starts. Most pitchers use too much of their throwing arm to try and find velocity which leads to arm injuries and slower pitches.

How long should your stride be? At least as long as you are tall; 100% of your height. I know some pitchers that stride 110-120% of their height. Of course they have great flexibility and have worked very hard to get there to maintain proper form and balance while throwing with such a long stride.

While you watch this video, make sure you pay particular attention to the proper leg lift. There, of course, is a right and a wrong way to bring your leg up. Many pitchers lose their balance, effecting their control, when they bring their leg up. A great thing to remember is that it is a “leg lift” not a leg kick or a leg twist. You want to ensure that you are in a proper balanced position before exploding toward home plate. Also notice that I don’t lift my landing leg straight up, I “lift” it up at an angle allowing me to lead with my hips. Leading with your hips generates more power as opposed to “taking a step” when you try to stride. In the video I also explain the difference between a stride and a step. There is a significant difference in power when you stride.


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