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  • Disc One: Pitching Mechanics / How to Teach Pitchers

    Disc 1: Pitching Mechanics / How to Teach Pitchers


    Would you like to add an additional 5-10 MPH? Most pitchers lose a few miles an hour at the very beginning of their throwing motion. How much faster do you think you can throw if you had better mechanics?

  • Disc Two: Pitching Grips / Pitching Workouts

    Disc 2: Pitching Grips / Pitching Workouts


    There is a simple way to throw any pitch successfully without putting undue stress on your throwing arm or changing your throwing motion to do so. In this DVD you will learn how to position your wrist and forearm with many different pitches to impart correct rotation on each pitch.

  • 4 disc Pitching Mechanics DVD Package

    The Pitching Academy 4 Disc DVD Series


    Are you 100% ready to throw faster, throw nasty pitches and play with a MLB mindset?  This series covers pitching mechanics, coaching pitchers, pitching grips, pitching specific workouts, hitting mechanics and the mental game!  It’s all here! The 4 DVD Series comes bundled with our 3 eBooks: Baseball Pitching Grips 101, Core Strength Training for Pitchers, and Pitching Mechanics!

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