Repetition: Pitching and Getting Plenty of it?
June 15, 2012
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July 3, 2012

Did you know that a right-handed pitcher is the most competitive position in all of baseball? What are you doing differently this year to separate yourself from the rest of the competition?


Add a pitch! One way to ensure you get the edge is to add another great pitch to your arsenal. Or simply adding more movement on a pitch that you have been working on for awhile.

Work on pin-point control. Location is another way to ensure your success. Just knowing how to spot a hitters weakness and pitch to it will greatly increase your chances of winning more games.

Study the game! Being a student of the game, not just pitching, will help you understand position players and the way they understand the game. Learn where you need to be (and where other position players need to be) in any scenario.

Be positive! So much of being a pitcher is being a leader. People follow those they like and aspire to become. Make sure you become a master of the mental game so you can control your emotions whatever may come. Remember, your team will play better for you when they like and trust you. Make sure you are respectful of their role on the team and you will get what you deserve in return.

Play the game one pitch at a time! There is so much you cannot control, errors of any kind, the weather, where you play etc. Learn to keep your attention on this pitch right here right now. NO matter the result, good or bad, of your last pitch; you need to refocus on this one right here and now.

Let us help you get the edge you need. Take advantage of today’s opportunity and learn how to:
Throw Faster with more accuracy! Throw more off-speed pitches the right way. Learn the strategies and techniques that will not only add more movement to each pitch, but the strategies that will help keep your arm healthy for years to come. We are confident our instructional series will help you stay a step ahead of your competition.

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