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January 25, 2011
Andy Pettite Retires – I’ll Miss That Curveball
February 4, 2011

Do hitters fear you when you are on the mound?

Perhaps the greatest joy a pitcher experiences is deceiving a hitter.  I enjoy watching my pitchers strike someone out looking.  Even better than that, swinging at a ball belt high that ends up low and away. I enjoy watching any pitcher that can throw pitches that dance all over the plate.  It’s a nightmare for hitters to face those pitchers who have a ton of movement and can place each pitch where they want to.

How many pitches do you have?  How many baseball pitches should you have in your arsenal?

If you speak to many major league scout, they look for three pitches that dominate.  What do I mean by that?  Three pitches that a pitcher can throw for strikes any time of day regardless of the situation.  Scouts look not only for a great fastball, but they look to see if a pitcher has wicked movement on the ball.  Did I just say wicked?  Yes I did.  There is a difference between a good curveball and a great one.  It is near impossible for a hitter to adjust to a great curveball.

Learn how to throw a curveball here!

An excellent combination of pitches is a fastball, curveball and C-change.  If you know how and when to throw these pitches you will keep the opposing teams batting average below .300 and the odds of winning more games are in your favor.

If you don’t have at least three “great” pitches and you are playing at the High School level, this year is your year to take the necessary steps to learn how.  If you are in Little League you should have two great pitches.  A fastball you can throw at four corners as well as a changeup.

If you are ready to step it up and deceive some hitters this year we recommend our pitching grips E-book that explains all about how to throw off-speed pitches correctly and efficiently.  It also informs you what count to throw each pitch and why.

We also created a pitching grips dvd that shows you how to throw 10 different pitches that, if thrown properly, guarantees to keep your pitch count low and increase the number of strikeouts.  Pop out, ground outs and strikeouts are all outs.  Keep the hitters off balance this year.  Get started Today!

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