The Bugs Bunny Change-Up And A Retired Great

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January 13, 2011
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January 17, 2011

Not sure if you missed the news, but the MLB all-time saves leader (602 saves) retired yesterday after 18 seasons.  When I think of Trevor Hoffman, I think of his his virtually unhittable change-up.  Giants manager Bruce Bochy said of Hoffman’s change, “They called it the Bugs Bunny changeup. Basically, it stopped at home plate. Guys hadn’t seen a pitch like that, and they couldn’t adjust to it. He pitched so well off his fastball they couldn’t just sit on it every pitch. But even if they did, they hadn’t seen a pitch like that so they didn’t know how to hit it.”

We’ve continued to preach the need for youth pitchers to develop three great pitches to be successful.  No better time to learn a change than right now.  In fact, warming up with different change grips will help you feel more comfortable with a new grip.  Dan spends a good amount of time walking though how to specifically throw a few change-ups in the pitching grips and workouts DVD.

Have a read (there is a video as well) on some of Hoffman’s accomplishments.  Interestingly enough, it took a severe injury to Hoffman’s throwing arm for him to learn his change.

Trevor Hoffman Article

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