Preparing For Game Day : Part Two

Preparing For Game Day: Arm Circles
April 10, 2012
Do This and Add MPH!
April 26, 2012

Yesterday we reminded you how important it is to work the weaker shoulder muscles in your arm, focusing on the rotator cuff.  We went over the importance of doing simple arm circles as part of your warm-up routine.

Today the focus is making surgical tubing exercise a daily part of your pitching workout routine.

The elastic band workouts (surgical tubing) are outstanding and are truly designed to stretch and strengthen the weak areas of your shoulder, specifically the shoulder decelerators.  These decelerator muscles in your rotator are more prone to break down.  Remember, throwing a baseball, especially off of a mound is a tearing down process on your arm.

As a pitcher you need to continue to rebuild what you are tearing down.

What are you tearing down?

Those decelerator muscles in the back of your rotator cuff.

There are so many advantages of working with elastic bands but the key points are that they provide flexibility and range of motion.  They can add years to your career.

We have build you a program that will help you strengthen and stretch these important muscles in your shoulder as part of our pitching workouts DVD.

I am confident if you take this program seriously you will significantly decrease the risk of injury and increase your own confidence while throwing.  You will feel great!

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