Core Strength Training For Pitchers

Attention Coaches! Don’t Mess With a Pitcher’s Armslot
March 25, 2013
ADD 5 MPH to Your Fastball With Little Effort
March 25, 2013
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Just how important is your core when pitching?

Well, your core is the hub that connects everything together; its the connection from your legs to your upper body.

If your core is weak, your not throwing at your best.

Most kids get in the weight room and ignore one of the most important aspects that can add velocity and keep their arm healthy.

So…..Today’s question is “what are you doing to ensure your core is in throwing shape?”

During my interview with Jeremy Guthrie, I asked several questions about his workout program. He mentioned the importance of core strength training and he did core work 3 times each week.

If you missed Jeremy Guthrie’s interview, here it is!

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