Having Trouble Getting The Baseball Down?
March 21, 2011
A Lesson on Pitching Grips
March 25, 2011

Today, as you know, every training regimen in any sport is specialized and unique in it’s own way. With that being said it is imperative that you understand that if you are not conditioned to pitch you won’t excel as a pitcher.

You need to workout like a pitcher to enjoy the full benefits of maintaining your health on the mound. Your mechanics are only as good as your conditioning program. Your goal is not to become bulky, but to workout the tendons and ligaments that help support big muscle groups. Pitchers don’t get injured in large muscle areas; they often get injured with connective tissue and small muscle groups.

Many of you have often heard me say that pitchers are not body builders, that does not mean we avoid the weight room. That means there are a completely different set of rules for us that need to be followed so we can reach our greatest potential on the mound.

In our latest Pitching Grips/ Pitching Workouts DVD we show you what a great pitching workouts routine is and how to keep your arm healthy with simple, yet very effective pitching specific core workout routines, light dumbbell exercises and elastic band training. You will also learn how to throw a lot of knee-buckling pitches along the way.


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