Clips of MLB Pitchers to Examine
January 5, 2011
The Bugs Bunny Change-Up And A Retired Great
January 13, 2011

I have played with some great athletes in my day.  I have also have been exposed to a lot of different coaches and coaching styles.  What I’ve learned is that just because a coach was once a great player, DOES NOT mean that he is automatically a great teacher.

The ability to communicate pitching mechanics to pitchers requires patience, clarity, and modeling.  We’ve taken a 10 minute clip from our baseball pitching DVD and posted it on YouTube. Dan provides a bunch of tips on how to effectively work with pitchers.  Because we do hundreds and hundreds of pitching and hitting lessons each year, we’ve developed an effective way to communicate skill sets to athletes.  The below communicates a little of the philosophy behind our instruction.


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