Coaching Pitchers: Strategies That Work
May 20, 2013
Pitchers: The Real Truth About Strikeouts!
May 20, 2013

Have you or any pitcher on your team had and 0-2 count on a batter and ended up walking him?

How does this happen? Over confidence maybe? A sign of relief for some pitchers being that are far ahead in the count that they think “hey I got this guy, no biggie?”

The fact of the matter is, pitchers are taught to “waste pitches”.

They get a head in the count and they try that new pitch they haven’t practiced much in the bullpen. Then its 1-2. Still ahead in the count you try another pitch. You try to get him to swing at but it’s far off the plate. No chance of him swinging at all (great idea though because you don’t want to just serve him up on 0-2 either)

But there’s one problem, now it’s a 2-2 count. Who has the advantage? It depends on what kind of a pitcher you are, but what pitcher likes to face a batter on a 3-2 count? That’s what is up and coming if you waste another pitch then what?

You would think at this point 2-2 count you have to just sit this guy down right now or have him ground out or pop up right? Yes, but why not do that on the 0-2 count? Or why not keep the ball low enough the first pitch so he grounds out or pops up then?

In far too many cases many pitchers find themselves throwing too many pitches every outing.

Now, this is just one scenario on a 0-2 count. Pitchers have their own way of taking care of business.

The point I want to make is just go after hitters regardless of the count. Don’t waste pitches!Remember that every pitch is your most important pitch.

On the flip side of this scenario, things change for pitchers who have the ability to throw three different pitches for strikes on any count.

Some of the advantages of throwing three different pitches are:

You keep the hitter off balance his entire plate appearance
You can throw a first pitch curve or change several times a game (unpredictable pitching)
You have much more leverage on the batter on a 0-2 count (even though you don’t waste a pitch, you can have him chase a great off-speed pitch and get the punchout, groundout or pop-up)
Strikeouts increase
ERA stays low
Walks decrease
Hitters don’t like facing you

Hopefully you can take some of this advice and use it the next time you pitch. Again, be a great pitcher, learn how to throw at least three different pitches for strikes at any count and please; don’t waste pitches. Every pitch has a purpose.

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Make it a great day!

The Pitching Academy

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