The Deadliest Pitch: The Circle Change
December 30, 2010
How to Teach Pitching Mechanics
January 13, 2011

I emailed the below clips to a coach the other day.  We are working with his team on pitching mechanics and wanted to compare what I’m teaching to what MLB pitchers are doing.  I thought this was useful information which is why I’m forwarding it onto you as well.

To get the most out of the below clips, here are some things to look for:

1.  At the apex of each pitcher’s leg left, watch how their body (lead by their front hip) begins to fall towards home plate.  This is done to generate some momentum PRIOR to pushing off the rubber. Please don’t have your pitchers drive hard off the rubber without getting their body falling first by leading with the front hip.  More on this concept here. For quick reference start the clip at the 2:00 mark.

2.  What does their posture look like when the front foot hits the ground (pause the clip on each to determine this).  Notice that all pitchers land with their foot open towards home plate as well as their shoulders closed.  This allows their hips to open ahead of their upper body.  More on this concept here.

3.  What happens after foot strike?  Where does their momentum go? Notice how momentum continues to move towards home plate until release.  Some of the guys this past weekend I was working with weren’t generating enough momentum and were releasing the baseball much too soon.  This happened often because they were opening their upper body up before they should.  Dan gives you a way to check your pitching mechanics here.

Of course our new pitching DVD goes over all of these concepts in a much more in depth manner.  Pitching is technical and it’s so important that you learn proper pitching mechanics.  Not only for in-game success, but for your athlete’s arm health as well.

Enjoy the clips.

Brian Wilson –

Roy Oswalt –

Cole Hamels –

Randy Johnson –

Vincente Padilla –

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