Andy Pettite Retires – I’ll Miss That Curveball

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January 27, 2011
Stay Relaxed and Throw Faster
February 6, 2011

Non-Yankess fans are excited about today as Andy Pettite has announced that he will be retiring from baseball.  Regardless of your opinions of Pettite, he goes down in history as the all-time leader in post season victories (19).  After 16 seasons in the Bigs, many of his teammates describe him as a fierce competitor on the field.

From a pitching grips standpoint he had a tough curveball (check it out at the 3:08 mark on the video on this page).  As a lefty myself, his type of curveball that begins at your head and breaks off the plate away from you is devastating.  Not all pitchers have Pettite’s bite on their curveballs.  It take time to develop consistency with this pitch but it’s well worth the time learning it.

So, in the name of Pettite’s nasty curve, here is Dan teaching how to throw a curveball.

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